1 million 5* toke pull! What a pull.... Whaaaa the actual

Drum roll?!? Nah…Fac mate pull…says he needs a bigger castle. Wait for it…

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You and i are in the same bucket.

damn all them princesses the only 1 I dont have from that wheel and been trying to pull

Wow 1 million tokens and jot 1 usefull character. This is pretty sad

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4 pulls, but too late for him :confused:

He can still make a impression


If they are going to keep giving 5* tokens out as prizes they need to update it much more frequently. There are very few toons in there that have any relevance at all especially in the ever changing S class meta.

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If you can get diego ol Morgan can still put in some work.

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If christa dont 1 shot him

Bro been stacking coins for 2 years.

Christa one shots everyone almost. Lmao. Her basics almost take out my michelle and michonne

Yeah the chances are horrible. I seen someone do a 40* back before s class even existed. He got all 4* and only 2 5 stars (non ascend)

Yours probably got attack mods.

Of course michelle does. I gave michonne defense mods. But I still manage to win without losing people most times because usually die before they rush

It’s not too late for him he is a beast

I just pulled that Princess yesterday. Hope I’m not in the same bucket as that guy. But yeah all the odds of getting a character even remotely useful are horrible

4* Recruits - 0%
Helper Rewards - 0%
Basic Rewards - 0%
Elite Characters - 2%
Premier Recruits - 2.1%
S Class Recruits - 2.1%
Prestige Recruits - 7%
5* Recruits - 7%

Bad bad bad bad bad

Actual my bucket might be different. My 2 prestige pulls after they updated toons and made prestige recruits a 5* wheel. I pulled ascendables. First time like months or weeks after I pulled yvette. Then I pulled chris. And wanna know something weird? When scopely announced they were gonna update the wheel. Which was before it added to the live version. I GOT A ASCENDABLE GREEN ABE.

Any update will just change the toons from toons which are no longer relevant to DIFFERENT toons which are no longer relevant. Scope keeps the useful characters behind the pay wall.


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