1 Knife Missing

I have collected all 22 knives, why am I stuck at 11/12 T4 James?

It has been 2 months since I opened my first conversation. The problem is still not solved.

Below are answer I’ve been keep getting from the support, I need answers:

1, We shared this problem with the team, please wait.
A: It has been more than 2 months, exactly what am I waiting for?

2: Unfortunately, we can not do anything about this …
A: I collected all knives, I am simply asking for what rightfully mine. Why cant I be helped? It caused by your game, not me. Why do you sound like it’s my fault?

3: ATM, we can not help you. Please wait for future announce and updates.
A: What announcement? I understand that there might be a new knife collection event for new S class char. But even in that case, I will always be 1 knife short. Then what? And why do I have to wait for all this time.

In short, am I ever going to get my 1 knife back? If yes, when am I going to get it?
If not, why?

Stop telling me to wait or contact support. I did 7 freaking times in 2 months. I am tired of bs answers.

Thats becouse you took James


When you chose james he cost 1 knife


No you didn’t.

Otherwise that screen would show 12/12


There not wrong that’s because James is far superior meaning he costs more then Christa

#James Gang

Taking James cost 1 gold bar, not 1 knife. I compared with Chris, gear requirement is exactly the same. Don’t BS me with all that crap.

And this is only 1 of my museum problem. Raulito Laopo collection numbers are all messed up.
12/7 13/2 1/4

I don’t mind taking 13 S class laopo. If you can’t fix them, then give me the chars.

Just stop telling me to wait. For what exactly. This is BS.

I am even a survival club member, WTF did I joined the club for?

Spend strike? You are funny. You don’t even understand how does it work.

If you got enough man power to freaking hide posts, why can you just solve my freaking problem. How hard of an issue are we facing here. FFS. 2 months. 2 freaking months and still not solved. Any one care to give a freaking reason here?

Point support to this thread

Collected 40 gold bars didn’t get knife

You probably had this issue and did not realize it at the time. They should grant you the knife. If not, start bugging taytron and GR.


I did 7 times in last 2 months. And they just kept telling me, they can’t help me , or ask me to wait. This is the very reason why I opened this post. I know exactly what’s the problem. They just don’t care.

I noticed the problem as soon as my first knife. And now, the freaking event is over. Where is my freaking knife.

Well, then we start tagging @taytron and @GR.Scopely

It’s pretty cut and dried, I wonder if any of your responses came from a live individual and not a bot.


I am pretty sure they are human. At least 2 of them are for sure. Or I must missed the note that AI advanced this much.

Probably not going to get an answer on the weekend. If you don’t have a response by 8am Pacific Monday, tag me and I’ll get someone to look at it. This can be fixed even if the event is over.


I understand. I am a dev myself. It’s so freaking easy to fix man. But my question is why the heck do I have to contact support 7 times, and still not fixed.
Why do I have to go thru all these hassle to get a normal game experience.
And since problem was reported since September, why is it still not fixed.

Anyway. Thanks for your reply. At least something is happening. I am not going circles anymore.

Perhaps, my friend, it is you who don’t know how “it” works.
After all, money talks.
Scopely would rather silence problems than fix the issues.
How much more would a company earn if their shit worked as intended?
Instead of pushing out new broken content noone asked for fishing for new revenue rather than fix existing issues.
We can remain naive and ignorant to their poor management, and accept our buckets, or we can try to do something, and poke them in the income, the one thing they care about, revenue.

@oazo & @FearJustice

Back to your seats you unworthy Christa-Cult Cultists

@yzka - Thanks for your report. Some additional knives will be made available soon so players can end their collection and upgrade their character.


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