1 day left for the gold bars

1 day left and no actual announcement for what the new toons are going to be or any details on if it is going to be the same or changed slightly. Can we get any info on this @GR.Scopely?

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Checking vk rn as we speak.

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No vk leaks of a char in a gold box :c

also need to know what will happen with the extra gold bars cause i upgrade my toon with all 12 knifes and now i still colect the bars from roadmap and 5 free each day so i need to have now 25 extra but i can’t find it anywhere in my inventory

They are collectibles, and do not show up in the inventory, only the museum. This is probably because there are a lot of them, and if they were in the inventory it would be even messier than it already is. Just think of all the letters, beach balls, plushies etc., and that’s only the last few months.

That does not mean they are gone; you still have them, they are just not displayed. Sometimes, new collections with the old collectibles will show up, and then all your stuff will be there. This happened for example with the fast Javier collection, a daily login event that many people could complete on the first day because they had old collectibles left.

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Why do you presume the new collections have to start instantaneously after the last ones end? There may be no announcement because the next ones are coming on Monday. Or After Christmas. Or 2023.

1 day left on the current event and it is always good to get an announcement a week prior to the event starting or however long

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You can ask support and they will tell you how many you have. But @DrJank is right, they can’t show every item we collect in our inventory.

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While you were on VK , check if deuce is arround please, he’s nowhere to be found


I only check vk game and news for leaks. And unreleased chars.

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Need knife y have gold bar need activite please

@Samuel1 Yes I have not made any announcement as it is still with the team at the time being. I will update you about the usage of the gold bars when we are ready to communicate.

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Better be true. If theres not a toon in the works for those gold bars im canceling sc and getting a refund


to all, my guess is they dont want to take away from the new multi-week event for princess. so we are going to be waiting a few weeks more by which time all of our surplus gold bars will be “lost” despite the assurances that they are still there. (i never did get an actual number from support). it’s a sad state of affairs when this forum is met with nothing but distrust and contempt for the leadership and future of the game. @GR.Scopely this isnt personal at you, im sure you are nothing but a go between and have zero say or input.

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