1 crossbone missing

I had collected the 8 crossbones but needed the 9th crossbone for a final run. Before #playersunited I had done a big pull for a 2nd Raven (but failed). So I had managed to reach (with daily SC pulls) the 80 pull mission for 40 of your choice. This enabled me to complete the final bandages today for the 25 mods and last crossbone. However, my crossbone count went from 1 remaining… To 1 remaining. Has this error happened to anybody else?

Edit: due to calculating mathematically what I would need in the final day, this meant that I would have a run on bandages and Masks left. I instead had to choose.


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Should be easy to count them up no? Completed character maps is 3, 200 of each is 3 and then see how many you had that hit 300.

Ignore it, its been sorted.
I was too quick to judge.

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