1* characters help

So the other day I completed the roadmap for extra level up faughter I forgot what do I do with 1* characters ? :thinking: help @lad

Sell them

I use them to have several 1-star teams for when I leave defenses in territories, they are quite useful, especially in territory events when you have to be renewing defenses.

I have over 100 5* ascendable/6* characters i have no need for them

For 150 food id rather convert them into 1* trainers of some sort we need @TayTron on this in my opinion :thinking:

that’s not an option

Especially if you equip those 1* with reflect weapons :wink:

Personally I’d rather they just stopped giving out 1*s altogether than to introduce a use for them. The economy needs to move forwards.


True i think thats also a great idea

Lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Not an option “yet” :smirk:

I always do, it’s fun to see how the teams run out and the enemies spend their coins reviving their attack characters, while others change their attack only to meet another strong team and bounce :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

1 star trainers sound hella useless

1* toons are hella useless :smiley:

They should just be removed from the game tbh.

We need the devs to actually remove them -_- someone get tay in here

How about 1* toons war only

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1* toon wars for the horde!