1 blitz only?you changed it to Faction sr?


why did you scopely guys changed the other blitz to faction survival road??..faction survival road is so damn boring!!!SMH…scopely makes me wanna hate this game…tsk tsk


The faction sr in my region looks suspiciously like a blitz war.


The other blitz war, the 2nd one that was supposed to be after this one

Or so the calendar said, its now a faction SR


I imagine the scene at Scopely yesterday:
“Oh hey guys, you know what everyone fucking hates? Really short Survival Road tournaments. Lets replace the blitz that people actually enjoy with a tournament no one will care for because its too short”


I’m sure all of the rewards will be amended appropriately to recognise the difficulty in completing SR in a short space of time.

Oh wait.


It would seem its the Blitz war that’s currently taking place that has been changed to Survival Road, the Blitz war scheduled for tomorrow is still a blitz war.

Scopely rocks with logic :crazy_face:


It is a sad state of affairs when the VK groups know more about the game than those “players first” people being stuffed with pancakes.

And don’t get me started on the idea of a 21 hour tourney that requires 125 energy but provides only 92 natural energy if you are awake for the whole 21 hours. Guess they need to sell some SR cans to make up for the free Bennies & medals they handed out over the Lori trainwreck.


Bizden daha kötü olan bölge var mı?


You could use the cans you got from the roadmap they released at te advertised time.

Oh wait


But the rewards do get amended. On a typical 2 day faction SR, you get 1k 5* tokens for a top 25 finish, so about 0.5k 5* tokens per day. On a typical 1 day fation SR, you get 1k 5* tokens for a top 25 finish, so about 1k 5* tokens per day. (Similarly for ascendance medals, trainers or whatever else the rewards are). That’s double the rewards. Of course, getting the bracelets is harder, because you have to get cans, so it might not be worth it to you. But it’s simply not true that the rewards are not amended.

[edit] switched numbers to faction sr


The rewards are not amended.
The reward density is altered, but te rewards remain the same in absolute terms.


Not over time, as you get double the rewards in the same amount of time. If I get paid the same amount, but twice per month instead of once, I get a raise, even though the amount I’m paid each time didn’t change.

That’s lexical semantics, and I can see how people might interpret words differently. Still, placement rewards are clearly better in a 1-day sr tournament (and both milestones and fun are worse).


I like blitz but don’t mind the change. We get an extra 1500 necklaces as opposed to the blitz milestones.


So funny.

I’m pretty sure they do things that piss us off just to be spiteful now. "What’s that they hate 24-hour survival roads? Give them two this week. "


This war and the the war before has been awful. So this is perfect to me.


Yeah but hitting 20k is super easy and quick. Sr takes more time and unless we use tanks were getting less necklaces.


What a kick in the nads the 24hr SR tournaments are. One step forward two steps backwards for Scopely this week.


Sorry, forgive me, but what was the step forward?


The milestones are the rewards that should be switched up for shorter tourney’s…,.my faction will always place top 3 no matter the time of the tourney but I will not finish the Sr because as I am super active I can’t possibly finish legendary in that amount of time but in a 2 day sr I’ve never finished less than legendary but on the 24 hour one I doubt I’ll finish even gold;!!


Good. Blitz Wars are the absolute worst. Maybe if they updated the prizes and fixed matchmaking more people would actually care.