1* and 2* Weapons (Junk) still in "Rewards" Wheels

All the wheels were updated… but… the Elite Token, Helper Token, Basic Token wheels all still have the crappy 1* and 2* Weapons we already get in bunches just farming.

They are not “rewards” they’re just junk, even for beginners.

Can you also please eliminate these junk? No need to pull these junk on wheels too as “rewards”. :neutral_face:


If you want to put something else, how about give us ingredients like Crude Bronzes and Metal Cutters in the wheel, they’re way more useful than 1*/2* weapons, and something we can’t get enough of from farming.


Yeah I totally agree with you. I wish they would only have 2* and above in the wheels.

man imma prefer gloves than those junks. Been running outta gloves fast especially during lvl up events

Some of these token wheels will never be updated for the simple reason that people have too many of them. I recently messaged support to see how many basic tokens I have… 4,311 was their response.

I don’t trust Scopely to reward my ignoring something for that long.

My main account has no use for basic tokens or elite tokens.
But I just restarted the game in another region and those rewards are absolutely necessary and useful to get started. That’s why they are called basic rewards. Elite players shouldn’t really be expecting to get anything special from them. Its meant for easy basic rewards.
Elite tokens should be better though. I like how they now show Carl and Shiva first to make you think you actually have a chance at pulling them. If they keep the basic token wheel as is then the elite token wheel should be improved. Since elite tokens are so rate we should be getting better rewards out of it.

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Unfortunately, the terms “basic” “common” “uncommon” “elite” etc., are really referring to the odds associated with them, and don’t actually mean what they do normally.

That wheel was updated before and the update killed those tokens. Before the update it gave out a lot of 2* s which helped a lot in lvlup. I ran my stash of basic tokens dry plenty of times back then. Now I never touch them. Just make it how it used to be before you messed everything up by changing it.