1.75 Million Level Up - Mission Challenge Not Working

One of the new battle pass mission challenges that states needing to hit 1.75 million level up points is not working as intended.

Level up started Sunday while new missions started Monday, and if you hit 1.75 million on Sunday, it won’t count towards the new mission even if you surpassed it since.

I currently have over 3 million in level up points and the mission challenge is still not registering despite surpassing the challenge amount.

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No bug here. Would’ve had counted when you reached the specific milestone after the missions have started not before.

Same has applied to the armory token‘s missions in previous weekly missions.

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Mission events trigger when they happen, never after. Get 1.75m on the next two (or, if they manage to fix the mission duration, two of the next five, or early on the sixth).

This happened in a past week as well, in the first battle pass. IIRC, that time they sent the reward later to everyone affected that did not get it anyway; no guarantee they will do so again.

Mine has registered but I only hit 1.75mil today🤷🏼‍♂️

Mine counted?
Maybe you got it before the battle pass missions game up I learned that the hard way last time just leave a couple hundred of wait for the missionS to appear then collect the rest of the points.

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