1/31/19 - Flash Tokens Conversion Issue

We’re currently aware of an issue where the Diego Stash will be providing players with Flash Tokens up to and after the current Flash Token wheel ends later this evening. As a result of the Flash Token wheel ending, all Flash Tokens will be converted to supply points. This is not the intended experience and we will be posting the wheel back up shortly after it goes down.

Additionally, we will be working to send any converted Flash Tokens back to players within 48 hours of when they convert tonight at 8pm PST. We will also be extending the Flash Token wheel to end at the same time the Diego Stash ends on Sunday.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


@Kodak_black excellent work making sure this got properly addressed.


While you’re at it, will you guys be extending the Gravy Boat collections as well? The museum collection ends in 4 days but you can still get the bonus from Premier Recruits for 5 more days.

Thank you @Wanderer I worked deep into the night to make sure this was addressed properly.


Your dedication is appreciated. As always. Shining example of self-sacrifice for the betterment of the community.

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I sleep good at night knowing I did my job. #playrsfirst

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That’s the… third? major problem to come from this 1 stash? The weird odds, Diego being TBD and expired tokens?
I’m gonna guess it wasn’t reviewed before release.

Is anything reviewed before release? QAQC is not this company’s strong suit.

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I wouldn’t call them “major” issues, that’s a litttle dramatic

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So you acknowledge this issue, but don’t care to acknowledge the blatant SCAM that is the Diego wheel?
There is a ZERO percent chance of pulling Diego before the final pull.

Did you not read the screenshots of everyone pulling him on the final pull?