1* 2* Toons Functions

are these toons still good for anything? other than filler toons for walker stages, and selling for food.


2 star toons use to convert to trainers. 1 stars have no use outside territories or selling for food

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The 2* exp is abysmal to use for lvl ups too. Be prepared to drain your stockpiles when using them to lvl up characters.

This games a joke.

Convert your 2 stars to trainers, then use your 1 stars to defend the Level Up territories and then use your 2 star trainers to level up (best used with the territory bonus).

Once you get enough 1* avatar toons (Fluffy, 5th year, Zombie, WoC…) to field three teams equipped with reflect weapons for territory saboteur defense, you have no need for 1* toons and can sell then for meagre 50 food each.

2* toons covert to Bo trainers and are best used for 5*/regular 6* toons, eventually low level S-class. Using them on high lvl S-class will make very little XP gain but a huge food drain, so not advised unless you swim in food bags and drown in gear tokens…

i miss the days when you could try and level up ar with these toons…

1* territory teams refresh their stamina very quickly, so i always use them for territories - chances are good a team has healed by the time you need another team.

Even without reflect weapons, which are just a pointless annoyance outside of territory events, they’re good in territories.

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