1 - 2 - 3 Star Toons

Hi, does anybody keep any 3 stars and lower toons? I’m running out of character slot, and I’m just wondering how you guys keep it up.


Short answer: no

Long answer: noooooooooooooooo


2 stars are good for leveling up 5 and 6 stars. 3 stars I sell for depot points and 1 stars I sell for food.


I keep 3* yellows

Yes. If I like the toon and it’s rare


How about AR trainers? Do you sell them for depot points? or do you actually use them to level up AR?

I usually ignore 1⭐s until I sell them. 2⭐s for leveling up. I keep 3⭐s to ascend or sell in special cases. As for trainers, I stockpile them in case I want to pawn them off. Liliths are an exception when I want to level up a legend’s AR to a specific level.

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I only keep 5 Katja for god knows what reason. Perhaps because I sold my first one before the armory came into existance, and then went to regret it when people started getting abs weapons, i could not get another shield no matter what… Maybe will make a fun abs team for terries someday.


I keep 3 stars to ascend to 4s, which I have the least of. I use 1s/2s to feed the 3s.

My roster is always close to full as I have 32 lilith’s, 2 adens, 24 benedicts, 31 ar specific trainers and 25 ulysses and a bunch of 5s.

May i ask why do you have 32 lillith? Do you not use them on your 6* or dont have any 6*??

depends if i feel bad for them. Liek when i get Farah i’m keeping her. i also kept Katjaa, and Glenn because Kataa was my 1st road map reward, and Glenn was a gift

I have 10 6s. All 6 of my melee toons are 9/10. I stopped there because the extra does not help them go off an earlier.

My range 6s is in the 5-8 range. I don’t use them as much right now.

Ya, Katja I got 2 of them, but too bad she doesn’t have enough health to take on too much damage…

I use 3* toons in survival road


He probably got them same as me when they did the special territories.
38 ulyses
24 lilith
8 adens
29 benedict

Man that was the best event ever

And saving for more useful 6* actives

Nah she needs to get really lucky to be of any real use, but compared to most other 3*, she a beast. :boar:

I keep 1 of each each 3*. I depot others. If roster space gets too cramped i use trainers in level ups.

If level up milestones are not what i need the 3*s are sadly depoted but usually i need them t4 6 gear

I sell everything but one Stars I use one stars to level up ars and I use the scavenger missions only during events I never level up without a reward

I keep a few Chars If I like them. At the moment this are:

1* Gerald
2* Cletus
2* Ashley
3* Allen
3* Emma
3* Katjaa
3* Michonne “Made to Suffer”
3* Negan “Something to Fear”
3* Otis
3* Lori " Days Gone Bye"

Only 3* ones I got is the 500 food Carl, and a few that add crits for SR. Other than that nope.
1-2* for leveling.