1,000 tokens roadmap

I appreciate the response. And I was part of the big chat group and while you guys did listen, we asked for a museum collection. Spending them to get another pull and a single piece of gear is pretty silly.

Just think about it. My faction came in first place in the war we just had and I have finished too fifty in the other 2 events… I can’t even complete one of the roadmaps…

I have stated many times I don’t really play for prizes… but others do and the longer these shennaghans go on, the worst it’s going to be.


im sure in 97% in Scopely team have Bulgarian man who do some shit in they logic for grow scopely up
is same in Bulgaria all for politics ( Scopely team) and nothing for Bulgarian people ( we the players who spend money in this “game” ) P.S. i don’t spend

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What happens if you already got a pull for a toon what do you do with the over supply? Just let it rot? I think it is a good idea. Better then supply depot points… always read whole thread before committing. I always make this mistake.

Traded 1100 shells for 100 sombrero. What a waste of time. Didnt need ivanova at all but sheesh what a depreciation. Completely expecting to get half way to every toon before it dissapears


One thing I noticed is that the collection never expires, but the wheel does. I wonder what happens going forward.

Some museum collection times have been weird lately. Might be a bug. I’m showing expiry on sombreros but not the other two

That’s why we asked for a museum collection for smaller denominations. They took our suggestion and came up with this? They could have done better.

EA is greedy yes, but they know what they’re doing unlike Scamply.


Oh damm. None of mine are expiring at all.




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It’s only something to use your tokens if you are not going to try to save them for the main event. You get a piece of gear and fa tickets and another chance to hope for 10k (lol). It’s not meant to be an alternate event or way to gain more tokens

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So yea. First place in war for a piece of gear. Oh wait, I didn’t even get enough items yet to run the map. How kind scopely…

Lol k that I agree with those pulls are junk for rewards. I can’t run a map either

I sacrifice 2100 beach balls…and got 5000 beach balls in return…

I turned over 3k in sea shells into 750 sombreros poof its magic lol

I HAVE TO ADMIT, this seems illogical. Shouldnt the tough rdward be like 10 seashells. Its a bit…so what to me. I do however like the museum items being used.

10k, sorry

The museum collection’s timers disappeared so what happens when the wheel goes away?

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