1,000 token roadmap please

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely why isn’t the 1,000 token roadmap up now towards the end of the event? Players have a better idea where they stand now and can focus on one collection over the other. Just please have the decision makers use more common sense please. Not too much to ask for.


I honestly think the hundreds of employees just forget or can’t be bothered, blue flags etc etc


Can’t wait for the rage on Monday when players don’t get any of the toons. All just to try and sell some deal with WD tokens in it. So stupid.


I will be glad when this farce of a reward system is complete. Utter tripe!

I am also excited to see how they manage to dig for something even more ridiculous seeing as they already appear to have hit rock bottom.

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Don’t do the trash roadmap again. Please! I see no reason they can’t put up secondary collections with mods or gear or something. Add collections so people don’t get royally screwed and can get at least a little something for their month long effort


I’m already there, there’s no way I’m getting a toon. Which is complete horseshit!! This Win a Chance to Win a Prize is low even for these pos and needs to go.

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Been busting my ass pretty much every event

This shit needs to change



Well, yea but I don’t anticipate them doing that. So at the very least they should run the roadmap. Joke.

Spending 1000 seashells to get a pull where you get 200 seashells will help people sooo much. I’ll bet 98% will end up even more pissed than before because of the roadmap. One of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen…

Only explanation that makes sense to me is it’s 100% intentionally done to piss off as many of us as possible. I just don’t think theyre so stupid to think people will actually appreciate it.

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Also leave this on here.


It did come with some gear. Listen, I’m not saying it’s good. I’m suaing it’s better than what’s up right now. Which is zero.

I know, I do get where you’re coming from, but im arguing the point that it’s only better if you get something you can use in return, and more than what you put in. Otherwise, imo, nothing is better and it only serves to piss people off. And most people will end up more pissed off after running the roadmap.

If you put in 1000 seashells and come away with only getting 200, you’re now worse off than before by most standards. Technically you’re just as screwed though cus both amounts are equally worthless.

I know you’re not defending it, but, knowing scopely, if they see people asking for the roadmap back, they’re gonna take that as a sign that players will still just fall in line and be grateful for even the little chicken bones they throw out for us to choke on. Not worth it to me.

He is talking about the roadmap rewards i.e. gears. If at the end of the event you end up with let’s say 6K sea shells, which is not enough to get Ivanova, then better do the roadmap and get the piece of gear. Something is better than nothing.

Then imo it better be a lot of really good gear…legendary T4 gear. If it’s meant as our consolation after a full month of grinding out every tournament, anything less I’d find insulting. I don’t think a beanie or a walkie is enough to cover 4 weeks of level ups, raids, SR, hordes…

I know people who have fought really hard every tourney and placed high every time, but still have zero to show for it. I dont think a few pieces of gear will make them feel any better. Just more insulted.

Y’all can disagree if you like, just telling you my feelings on the matter.

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Pls run that 1000 token roadmap scopely

We atleast might get something other than supply points

Im close to completing Sombreros and sea shells but as the event ends soon was a complete waste of time never run events like this unless the toons stay in the museum to be won by another similar event. Not to much to ask for ?

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