1.000.000 Million Food

We need 1.000.000 food in supply depot. Really fed up buying hundred times 100K food.
Please support this folks!


And with the new update where you can go over the max amount of food, would be really nice to stock up on 20 million plus food to try and take down a lvl up last min

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yeah realy needed

It’s oretty ridiculous especially when towering t4 six stars. Takes forever to get to 2.7 and it goes away in seconds. Then repeat. Awfulllllll

said it somewhere already that what we need is a “max my food” button, then it can calculate how much gear markers are needed

no that is not how it will work. So if you are at max for one time only and maybe at a certain cap it will go over the limit so you won’t waste like 300k food.

Would you believe this was requested almost a year ago? :smile:

We should just get rid of the depot and make it so that you have to pay real life money. I propose $10 for 1k food.

Rather go away with territory pop ups, who cares if we lost it or my team is exhausted. So annoying.

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It is certain

To buy 2,500,000 food (I little below max) it takes 100 taps. 1 for the item, 1 to confirm, 1 to speed up the useless animation, 1 to claim.


Plus, any self-respecting player is tapping that screen like crazy trying to rush the animation.

Buying food is by far the most tedious part of this game. I’d rather do Yawnslaught, that’s how bad buying food is. Why isnt there a quantity button like when selling gear? Make it 500k? Make it 2.5mil for 1 buy? Who buys 100k food when they have 300k sitting there unused anyways?


We need higher food options, I agree that it needs a revamp.

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