0 rewards!... 15 char



Thanks for 0 rewards from level up and raids scopley. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Haven’t received ours yet. They always come thirty minutes after event. And everyone else in my league has gotten them. Annoying.


Yep… let me know of it changes for you.


Mine came in Dade super quick within 10 minutes. But in Cook and Ben Hill still nothing yet…


Nothing here.


None in cullman


I was preoccupied after about 50 minutes when the tourneys ended and I went elsewhere. Just checked recently and got mine.



I need my crappy rewards! NOW!!!

:rofl: You guys seriously need to relax. You will get them. Paitence.


nothing in irwin


just now got them on my region, almost 2hours after event ended, a league reward screen pop’d up as well so im guessing thats making them take longer to come out


Honestly, I’m more anxious on the anniversary rewards.


Nobody ever said anything like that…


Me tooooo.

Clear sentence)


Still no rewards on my end better get them put a lot of time and effort into raids for the extra league points.


Like ive said before they want our time and money right now so we should expect the same.

Should try being in a region where the average reward distribution is 1.5-2 hours. Imagine now.

Maybe its…

Oopps shit we made another mistake and you guys can F off an write shit on the boards cause when we say we fucked up thats your fault so your not entitled to what you earned already or anything in the way of an apology/compensation.

Willing to bet this is the next evolution or close to it for their fuck ups.


still nothing


same :relieved::tired_face:


I’m waiting almost 4 hours later bc we had a heated race within top 4 in level up… really anxious to see who dropped to 4th. About 6-7 mil points in last 5 min between the 4 of us.


6* Garret and 3Y-Token? when?


Something about 5.5 hours and still waiting is beyond unacceptable.

Honestly get your shit together.

Stop being so cheap you obviously need to hire more people or more competent ones at minimum…

Ha edit forget it ended at 4 and sr started at 5. So yea 5.5