0 nrg roadmap up with the chance of stun gun and other weapons


Wow, what a nice surprise. I will definitely farm like a mad man!

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


Farm until your thumbs fall off Bridget.


I’m going to use all my saved cans.


The dwight has nothing to do with the roadmap. I guess the Fac.raid will drop his pieces.


I’m scared it’s a fuck up and they’ll reset anyone back a day or two who did it!


Don’t need cans, 0 energy


Also nice way to get a lot of survivors for free


Can’t get anything past you.


This is a really great thing Scopely has done. 0 energy needed, dropping gloves, shirts , crude bronze and survivors and a remote chance to get a stun gun!

Way to go guys…have complained a lot earlier, but this initiative I really love :slight_smile:


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Well it’s still really early. Much can happen between now and the end.