0 motivation to try

I have 0 motivation to even try in this solo events sr a joke 5* trainers I have over 100 and 4* weapon tokens


Team events a joke as well


scopley is a Joke itself lol


Yep I already started to play other games it’s getting to the point. If stash is war again I’m going to be pissed

Good for others than. Easier for others to get more rewards and place higher in leagues.

Why don’t you use your resources to like idk… win something? You know marlon was just the top prize in the level up for a month right? He’s quite amazing. If your waiting for better, your gonna be waiting a long time.

Because whales put up 6M+ NO MATTER WHAT? Just a thought.


Yep I’m not scoring 6 mill in level lack of gold medals and gear

I mean… maybe. Maybe not. All I’m saying is what is he waiting for? You can get a lot of great stuff from all those elite item tokens. Trainers, lilliths, adens, and even gear. Idk.

If you have hoarded this long, you should have medals and gear from the museum collections.

There is no Museum sets anymore for medals or gear anymore don’t get it twisted I have 52 6*. This sh*t is groundhog day same thing over and over also they screw ups leagues no purple tokens anymore and less people get gold


It’s definitly groundhogs day … so boring

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Dennis…what do you like to play instead? I’m looking too.

0 motivation is certain

RTS to the museum

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Try Onmyoji. Similar premise with way more to do.

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