0 energy still worth doing?


At 10-40 red pieces a round= 0 life! Unless they do better drops what’s the point?
24hrs and only every Wednesday at the drop rate it should be daily refresh. I did around 8hrs of farming never more then 55 red plastic drops. Definitely not "FUN"but hey 0 energy used. 4400 all together maybe the last one in a month I’ll get one try.
It’s a game it’s supposed to be fun! Games are not jobs!

Wonder if VK will have a offer for the 4 tries 100k needed. Guess they had a sale


Got a 500 drop… but yea this is a lot of effort for a four star weapon unless it’s the stun gun. But hey… free shirts and gloves :slight_smile:


I got 500 to drop as well from stage 2. Hey it is something to do while waiting for your Survival Road energy to refill.


Its free farming of everything other than XP and 4* drops.
As little or as much farming as you want.

Even if you get nothing special from it, its worth doing unless you are in a desperate hurry to level up within the next 24 hours, or you don’t want to spend 5 seconds every 2 minutes to hit replay -> attack -> auto.


Yes free farming, do as much or as little, but the bigger point is that they do things that are killing the game. They could just as easily let the four weapon chances be collected with the odds being few get a good one, instead the make it a part time job to maybe do one try or a full time job to maybe do the four. Another point being spenders will buy to try, they are getting less and less, the f2p will be like this is dumb, and new players well be turned off the game.
Whoever is in charge of this really need to start playing the game like two years ago.


I see it as a test to see how badly you want that stun gun.

I want that stun gun.


Yes everyone does but being Scopely is Scopely they only give you a chance out of the four only four times and being them it’s (as they put it a roll of a 5000 sided dice and you need to hit that one number that maybe it gives the reward) so since it’s unlikely why make it a job to try? Why not make the game a game?


Yes few will still complain about getting crap but to put it out of reach does more damage.


I love the free energy map, it is free to run and re rein :slight_smile: massive high 5 to scopely.

This sort of thing is player first


It is free and you still wanna complain. Just uninstall the game.


Unless your a child or retired you time is not free! What you think is complaining others would say is constructive criticism! I hate seeing it dieing!


They would not be throwing things at the wall and going back on their word if the game was doing well. I’ve read Google store bots are costing more then a couple Grand these days.


Who cares? I just love to complain bout complainers.


I’ve had the game running for about an hour next to me on my desk at work. I’ve got 1200 plastic pieces so far. This is gonna be tough…


Its a 42 day event. Im sure most people will get at least two weapons. Even if you dont get the stun gun. You can dissasemble. Because lets be honest, 4* weapon drops are rarer than ulysses right now. I think its a good move from scopely, just adds that bit extra to do. In saying that, id rather they just made the tokens farmable so we could pull on the wheel. Maybe add the parts for the weapon crates to raid rewards? Will make the weekend raid event interesting


Or not. The event is 42 days so we’ll eventually get our 100k et 4 weapons drop. 4 times 25% chance for a stun gun is great so i’m not going to miss on that. And free shirts and gloves in the process :slight_smile:


Fear not young Frank, you too will beat the drop odds…

2 X 500 out of 30 tries so far. Working so not at maximum milk rate yet…


fuck yes doing 24hs a day,.


you only need the 500 pieces to drop 50 times for a weapon …


I’ve had 500 drop 3 times so far