0 energy roadmap


So here is a question and a gripe all in one:
What possessed you to change an already likely insurmountable goal that people can still macro, albeit more slowly, in a way that slows and harms legitimate players just trying to get a shot at a decent weapon?

All human stages were fairly quick, drop rate was still the same, and felt at least like a challenge of repetition. Without another source of plastic (Territory unlock hint hint), or lowering goal or increasing drop rates for 40+ pieces, on top of an Active Event like blitz, and weekly gear map, this makes the rm a legit less appealing thing in the already dull event.

Just looking for an answer why to it all when it repeatedly is asked for grindable gear you take away the one time it was tedious but fair.


Well it’s pretty obvious to me. If you come on the forums and talk about how awesome a feature is, they will nerf it.

It’s not the first time. Keep the awesomeness out of the forums and in Line and Fac chat.