0 energy roadmap time: Wed 9pm to Thurs 9pm PST


It was here by this time last Wednesday.

Zero energy roadmap

Wasn’t it on Thursday? I remember farming both 0 energy and gloves&shirts map.


I thought it was on Thursday but I’m sure the announcement said it would be on every Wednesday


Thursday??? Fuck I’m getting old and losing the marbles. I’m sure I read Wednesday somewhere tho.


It was here last Thursday but the announcement did say it would be here every Wednesday. Just another goof to add to the ever growing list.


9pm PDT said by @kalishane


< quote Kalishane
Limited Time, Zero Energy Roadmap every Wednesday for 24 hours
Red Can Pieces (as drops) which turn-in for a 4-Star Weapon Crate

endquote >


Ok so that’s 4am Thursday GMT SMFH


Thanks I thought I was going crazy lol


Don’t think it s a goof… Time zones screw with announcements of start times. Could well be it starts on Wednesday for some and it s already Thursday for others. Don’t really remember when it started last time for me.


Could we all just GMT please? I mean for christ sake it’s where tie was invented after all. K thanks.


Any one know when the 0 energy map is meant to be going live today?


similar topic.



It’s almost 4 am PST. So I guess we’ll see in 17 hours. ^^


I have merged the two roadmap threads.


cheers @MICK_DEAD_END, yea so 9pm PST is 5am BST GREAT!!! lucky im up at 6am every morning so i should be able to get a good amount of farming down


I have changed your post title to indiciate times for players to easily see.


Of course, if you want to get technical, Greenwich London, where “tie” [SIC] was invented is actually currently on BST and not GMT…


Announcement said Wednesday…but anyone Eastern Standard Time andbbeyond…its Thursday technically.