0 energy roadmap please

Dear Scopely, is there any chance to run today some 0 energy roadmap or at least 1 or 2 energy? Still need 300 roadmaps to do for 733 milestone and probably not only me.
Please help us @GR.Scopely :blush::pray:


That’s hilarious


So you’ve done 433 roadmaps over the 26 days of the event - averaging 16 per day which is not that many - especially given you’d need to be doing 6 per day of the mask/bandage/lucille maps. Even a very low level player should be able to grind more than this on free energy alone.

Sounds to me like you probably should have paid a bit more attention to the milestone and not left yourself so much to do in the final days of the event…


I did not ask you about your opinions and comments about what I did and what I did not. I asked Scopely for a possible roadmap and I do not need comments of the type "you could have done before because you had time etc. " a completely unnecessary comment. did you do all 733?so you can be happy. if others did not, dont block the requests and ideas of other players, just sit quietly :wink:

You posted it on a public forum, so very much opened yourself up to my opinion (and that of the rest of the community) and if you don’t like it, just ignore me like everyone else does.

And yes, I did all 733. Given most days there is a 3 or 4 energy roadmap, it wasn’t hard to run my energy dry a few times to make it. Finished sometime in the early part of last week.

Sorry you don’t like me pointing it out, but the reality is that 733 was certainly not unachievable so are your surprised that a few people take exception to you asking for a free handout when others have had to properly grind for it?


Amen to that!

Highlighted a major problem with the player base.

Everything for free, work for nothing…

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I’m still 400 shy… an yes it’s my own fault as took foot of gas as intially thought Piper was unobtainable… more fool me as bit of grinding might just get her.
In regard of the maps if have energy cans await a low map popping up an go at it… that want I’m doing. Believe hot an flee counts. Using 4 cans should do it for me

I felt like i was forever farming 3e maps this month in between rl and the game, but i finished this a couple days ago, which was admittedly slower to those who still had the one e SC map. Ive finished all of the non fac goals in fact lol.

It takes time and dedication. Admittedly i normally farm the world map for survivors and such, so switching areas took a bit (every time id slip and use e on world I’d cry a little lol) but ive managed to do them without spending.

To the op: if the number remaining seems daunting try to aim for smaller groupings as your goal for that play session, if you have world cans still id suggest the # coincide there. Have your fac take the world e regeneration territory often. Scopley probably won’t put up. A zero e map, so if you’re going to make your goal then you have to plan around the time and E you have left in these last days.

Good luck!

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I recomend setting ur alarm while awake to let u know when ur energy is full and use it wisely as possible. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening. There would be people mad trust me. Because they used cans to do theirs
This isnt throwing hate. Real life gets in the way and this event was a grind fest of boredom to get activity up. Good luck I hope they do put up a roadmap to help eveyone

Yeah probably never again. To many people were using macros to click the screen for them and run it all day every day

This is too funny. It was very easy to complete this part of the challenge.


I could be wrong but maybe people are overstating how easy this.
So like the survey I posted not to long ago, it said average players play 1hr or so a day. If that is the case in this game a year old player would be level 30-50?? Much less older players base sticking around. If that is the case they don’t have much daily energy, not much in ways of characters, barely any gear, mods, weapons or much else.
It may really be one of those not for majority of players to finish.
Great news op your guaranteed they will have last minute offers with low to no odds of getting what you need. Also if we go be past experience with will all get new offers even after the event ends.

The rewards weren’t meant to be for people who only play an hour a day. They are for grinders. Either you grind and get them, or you don’t. It’s not a hand out, nor should it be.


Low level players should not be able to obtain without serious input

Every player seems to feel entitled to every reward that is out there.

I remember not being able to obtain things like this in the past, but it is something to aim for.

Nothing is free you either pay with time or with money.


We haven’t seen this roadmap in over a year. It would be nice, but highly unlikely. There aren’t any low energy roadmaps either right now. So tough one to complete.

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Most days there is a 3 energy roadmap. Can run that 30 times on 90 energy which would have been enough over event to get 733 comfortably.

Of course some days there isn’t a 3 energy roadmap stage, and not everyone is high enough to have 90 energy, but if you’re not willing to drop at least a few cans you probably weren’t really dedicated enough to the rewards anyway

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Just set up a macro do the cheapest roadmap and accept you gotta waste a couple of cans because you didnt pay attention to the event

Nope. Game only counts the first time i run a roadmap. Repeat runs arent being credited in the milestones for me. But oh well got Piper anyway. But only finished first roadmap milestones

Hmm that’s interesting. They only don’t count when you use salvage tokens. Actually running a roadmap or even fleeing as soon as it starts counts. But at least you got her.

Dont have salvage tokens. Use them too fast. Mine is only counting when ran first time only. But it was a crap idea anyway so no biggie