0 energy rm drops


Im using Armory drop Glenn, yes I know he’s nerfed but nothing is dropping at all on this “road map” is the same for everyone else?


I was lucky enough to pull glenn from the wheel this morning. Iv used him all day and he has dropped about 5 armory crates. So yes hes working but not very often


Thank you I ran through it at least 10 times without anything lol I know his drop rate sucks but ill get back to farming good day. :slight_smile:


Keep doing it. They will drop. (For the record, iv never known anyone drop a dt or pk)


Ive had someone in my faction have pk drop using him as a helper. Other than that nada. :sweat_smile:


Nice. Back to farming i go :sweat_smile:


Whole day of farming and zero crates from GGG on free rm


i think the drops were best the first couple weeks after he was released since then drop rates have been worse for me


Medium chance for sure haha


Yeah hopefully we can ascend him to where the armory skill is legit :wink: