0 energies map ,Limited territories , War ,SR


Can we get something else than lvl up and Raid tournament , the game become so boring
Every day the same thing , lvl up or raid

We need AOW , blitz war , 0 energies maps , limited time territories …

I really would love to see a 0 world energy with a museum collection like the first ever 0 world energy maps

Please scopely , you can do better than lvl up and raid


Nice suggestions I’d like to see o energy map aow from fri to sun blitz during week Sr tourney limited time territories nice idea though with territories bugging right now rather see them fixed first


Great ideas.


Oh you want something free and you don’t even want to use energy to do it you also want that to be free? Why don’t they just put a free 6 star directly in your roster, that would be simpler


Either way you’ll most likely be able to complete the roadmap so why want 0 energy :joy:


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