0.6% drop rate? Comon!

Can you please out the drop rate back to 1.2% 0.6 is too low, is this a fuck you to the player base because of the coin event?

People are leaving the game because it costs too ■■■■■■■ much to keep up


Or don’t spend and wait for them to get desperate enough to change their ways.

Simple logic right there.


1.2% is also way too low.


It is come on…not comon…smh

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I’m just happy the dumb collections are gone, back to pulling straight premiers.
Never bring them back Scopely for the love of God

Change odds to %5 trust me it won’t hurt profits lol.

maybe he just wanted to say common, you never know

The odds isn’t the worst in my opinion, since no one can really prove if these odds algorithms work like described. The worst I think is that certain player accounts can always pull the promo and can pull even multiple times the latest promo, while others can do what they want not getting the promo but only get feed old Gen1 toons.

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In my experience I go through phases of good luck and bad luck. Lately I’ve had a lot of good luck, but I stopped spending much for a long time. I’ve noticed when I hold back my spending I get better luck. For example I cancelled my SC and monthly pass for PU then I pulled zach. I’ve pulled a few other really good toons lately. But then I’ve had 6-8 months of literally getting nothing.

Same played for an year now. Good luck seemed to come in a small stretch, pulled good toons from 5star wheel, critical success on special weapons, single pulling ascendables from premiere wheel. All this preceded or followed by long bouts of bad luck. Yet to pull a legendary from war wheel always been 5star ascendables.

I pulled a rise to power rick a few days ago off the wheel.
So it is possible.
But, I wouldn’t take that as a sign to do pulls. It’s really rare.

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