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:alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects] ( 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 ) (773)

Hey all, In response to asks for it, @CombatDevIl and I have whipped together an attempt at a big ol’ reference doc / post for you folks. Let us know if there’s any further questions or clarifications you’d like to see …

Community Member Character Reviews & Rundowns (4)

Hello everyone! All community-created reviews and rundowns will be collected and posted here!

[TRUST LEVELS] A Quick & Easy Guide (10)

Hey everyone, I have been getting some of the same inquiries and questions about the Discourse “Trust” function so I wanted to condense over a quick and easy to understand guide to Discourse Trust Levels. Everyone will …

[Badge Guide] Gotta Collect’em All (5)

How To Collect Forum Badges :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside::droplet::fire::name_badge::beginner: [A2C8F478-B950-4849-8ADF-039CE8D83673] You may have noticed if you hover over and click on your fellow forum members’ d…

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Ascendance Results Based On Traits [by LadyGeek] (7)

A collection of spreadsheets lovingly put together by the wonderful @LadyGeek Use these documents to see what possible outcomes you could get from Ascending a character based on their traits. Strong Alert Tough Fast

Community Guide to the Scopely Forum - New User Help (3)

Welcome to the Forums! The official forum for Scopely and The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Our goal is to have a welcoming, civilized, home for public discussion with our most passionate players. This will be your pr…

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