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Concerns about the ‘Future of Game Economies’ Article

Community, We would like to clarify the discussions, and ultimately confusion, around the VentureBeat article posted on the forum this past weekend. The article was based on a transcript from an industry event that disc…

717 September 20, 2019
Venture Beat Article - Game Economies

Community, As always we appreciate everyone’s passion for your game. We have noticed a thread posted regarding an article (, and a se…

924 September 19, 2019
Walker Hordes Canceled [9-16-2019]

Greetings Survivors! Due to the discovery of a number of balance issues, we unfortunately need to cancel the Walker Hordes event, which was scheduled to run today at 3 PM PDT. Our aim is to bring a healthy and fun leve…

95 September 19, 2019
Promises for the Future

Hello Survivors! Thank you again for the powerful feedback on the current state of Road to Survival and your suggestions of what you want to see in the future. Your passion for this game is what drives us. We want to ma…

902 September 19, 2019
Server Maintenance - Game Offline [9/18/2019]

Beware of the Roadwork Ahead! Walkers have invaded our server room and have wreaked havoc on our equipment. We are assembling a team to clear out and cleanup, but in order to do so our game will be offline starting at…

211 September 19, 2019
Kites & Flags Roadmaps

Greeting survivors, Please find below the schedule for the upcoming Kites / Flags Roadmaps: Red Kites: Sat 09/14 6 pm PDT => Mon 09/16 6 pm PDT Red Flags: Mon 09/16 5 pm PDT => Wed 09/18 5 pm PDT Blue Kites: Wed 09…

42 September 18, 2019
Announcement: Typhoon Event

Greetings Survivors, In celebration of the upcoming release of Skybound’s new novel “The Walking Dead: Typhoon”, Road to Survival will be hosting its very own Typhoon themed multi-week event! What is The Walking Dead: …

328 September 19, 2019
Combat Reference Guide [Updated 07/11]

------------------------ UPDATE 11-July-2019 by @GR.Scopely ------------------------ First of All - some high level definitions: User team - a team composed by up to 6 fighters controlled by the player. Enemy team -…

813 September 13, 2019
Free S-Class Fighter Event - Begins Sept 6

Greetings Survivors, With the entrance of S-Class fighters into the game you’ve likely seen that we’ve recently made efforts to improve the accessibility of powerful 5-Star Ascendables and 6-Star fighters (ex: Token Whe…

297 September 14, 2019
⚔️ Tournament Calendar

Event Calendar Use this as a tool to track upcoming Tournaments to prepare your faction! Current Month: Jump to September 2019 weekly schedule Historical:

2019August 2019 July 2019 June 2019 May 2019 April 2019 March 2…

70 September 9, 2019
Community Guide to the Scopely Forum - New User Help

Welcome to the Forums! The official forum for Scopely and The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Our goal is to have a welcoming, civilized, home for public discussion with our most passionate players. This will be your pr…

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