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Green & Black Flag Replacements Update 10/18/19

Hello Survivors, We’ve run into additional complications in regards to the distribution of Black and Green Flags through the Michonne Beheading event Choice Boxes. The choice boxes that contain Flags are still experienc…

161 October 21, 2019
Survival Road Feedback [10/16]

Survivors, Since the launch of the Survival Road update yesterday (Oct 16) we’ve heard feedback from players on the new experience. First and foremost, we’ve seen that the overall difficulty of Survival Road has become…

123 October 20, 2019
War of Champions & Transfers [10/14]

Hello Everyone, Based on the number of questions that have been coming my way - here are some clarifications on the War of Champions & Transfers topics: The players must be in a 1A region to qualify for War of Champio…

35 October 19, 2019
21.1 Update: Survival Road, Platinum Mods and More

[UPDATE - TUES, OCT 15] All of the updates outlined below (other than the arena updates) will be live on all platforms today (Tues, Oct 15) at 3PM PDT. The Arena updates below will be live tomorrow (Wed, Oct 16) at 2pm P…

331 October 18, 2019
*UPDATED 10/17/19* Region Transfer Known Issue: Faction Progress Lost

UPDATED 10/17/19 4:37PM PDT It is now safe for Factions to be transfered, please feel free to use the feature. If you do encounter this issue again, please reach out to Customer Support immediately. Best, TayTron He…

3 October 16, 2019
Mod Removal Event [10/15]

Hello everyone, There will be a schedule Mod Removal Event starting this Thursday. I have updated the Tournament Calendar here [:crossed_swords: GR

22 October 17, 2019
Promises for the Future

Hello Survivors! Thank you again for the powerful feedback on the current state of Road to Survival and your suggestions of what you want to see in the future. Your passion for this game is what drives us. We want to ma…

931 October 15, 2019
Region Transfer Wave Update - [Oct 9]

There are a few changes we are planning to implement for the NEXT round of region transfers. These changes will impact future war team match-ups and sizes. Depending on the Wave your region is in, you’ll either have a 6v…

149 October 16, 2019
Combat Reference Guide [Updated 07/11]

------------------------ UPDATE 11-July-2019 by @GR.Scopely ------------------------ First of All - some high level definitions: User team - a team composed by up to 6 fighters controlled by the player. Enemy team -…

822 October 10, 2019
War Campaigns and War Rewards Update

Hello Survivors, We’re excited to share with you details on some upcoming changes to War. War is the pinnacle event in Road to Survival and we’ve been working on an update that adds exciting new elements that we believe…

164 October 5, 2019
⚔️ Tournament Calendar

Event Calendar Use this as a tool to track upcoming Tournaments to prepare your faction! Current Month: Jump to October 2019 weekly schedule Historical:

2019September 2019 August 2019 July 2019 June 2019 May 2019 April…

74 October 15, 2019
Community Guide to the Scopely Forum - New User Help

Welcome to the Forums! The official forum for Scopely and The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Our goal is to have a welcoming, civilized, home for public discussion with our most passionate players. This will be your pr…

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